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Now, Back To The Website…, What If You Needed More?

Like a website visitor tracking system…, where you could track… every single prospect that visited your website. You could see where they came from, the exact keywords they typed in, what page on your site they landed on, what page on your site they left from, how long they browsed your website, how long they remained on each page, and whether or not they had been there before (shew!).

All that information obtainable with just a couple of mouse clicks!

Think about using that information to keep your visitors engaged… By fine-tuning your website…, (Which… Don’t forget… You can have US do at any time… At no additional cost). If visitors were consistently bouncing off a particular page, you could look at it, have us tweak it, add some new photos etc. to keep them interested, so that they will want to browse some more and hopefully do business with you...

… As opposed to money that just flew out the door to your competitor because you didn’t have that tracking system to notice a problem in the first place. What if you could have that tracking system installed…. For free?

How about a Contact Manager Database for your website? What if all the contact information for your prospects was collected and stored… automatically? Suppose you were having a slow month… and sent out a special offer to all of your prospects and clients… Most likely… you’d create some additional sales, all at the push of a button. Imagine if you could have that power… for free.

What else? Maybe we could have a website blog to keep your customers engaged and thinking about you for their next project…, An easy to use E- newsletter publisher to broadcast specials or new services…, an e-commerce shopping cart for e-commerce sites…, monthly website maintenance…, unlimited email accounts…, Google map submissions etc…, for free.

Its starting to sound too good to be true right? All these high-end services under one roof with no real cash up front…, Just pay the equivalent of a monthly phone bill?

Okay, we all know that nothing is really free… Right? Unless it’s a gift…, everything costs something.…, whether it is money or time.

What about a well thought out program… that brings higher value at a lesser cost?..., an Innovative and outside the box…, All-In-One marketing package…, designed for every business…, one that any business can afford.

Okay…, let’s sum this up. Summary (Promotion) »