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"Video Out Performs ALL Advertising since 2012"
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Ten reasons why every business needs video
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  1. People are 174% more likely to purchase after watching a video.
  2. People prefer to watch a video about your services instead of reading through a long series of web pages.
  3. A person is SIX times more likely to convert from a video on a website than a website without video.
  4. Videos are 53 times more likely than web pages to have a first-page ranking on Google.
  5. Search Engine traffic has been shown to increase by 157% on websites with video.
  6. Companies using videos have reported 200%-300% more monthly unique (first time) visitors.
  7. Viewers can spend 80%-100% more time on a website after adding video.
  8. Videos have been shown to increase page views by 63%.
  9. Company products with videos converted 144% more sales when the video was viewed.
  10. Video advertising grew 55% in 2012 outperforming all other advertising.

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Internet marketing Videos for small businesses in Maryland

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Video should be used to get your website found..., and to pre-sell your prospects before they even land on your website. The power of video is by far the best way to promote your business, and gain an edge over your competition. Video is your Sunday salesman..., let it do the selling for you.

You can get your BEST unique selling points and BEST products and services in front of a potential customer with their only effort being a left mouse click!

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