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Introducing Our Rent-To-Own…, All-In-One Marketing Package.

Remember at the beginning of this INTRODUCTION (go back and read if you haven’t for a full explanation) when we said we’ll show you how you can have thousands of dollars worth of web design and internet marketing… starting right now… for the cost of an average phone bill…, and pay no cash up front?

Well here’s everything that is available to you in our PREMIERE package… (It only gets cheaper from here!):

(PREMIER) Internet Marketing / SEO Package
Monthly Fee:
Elite Custom Designed Website
Custom Designed Logo$375
Free Website Updates16 Hours per month$6,000
Number of Web PagesUnlimited$2,500
Premium Hosting/Unlimited Email
Rotating Design Slider$450
eCommerce/Shopping Cart$500
Custom Photo Galleries
Search Engine Optimization
20 Keywords and 20 Cities
Google Maps Submission$100
Contact Manager Database$500
Web Stats Visitor Tracking$500
e-Newsletter Publisher$500
Website Blog$500
Print Package (Design only)Letterhead/Biz Card/Postcard Door Hanger/Trifold Brochure/Flyer/Folder Jacket/Digital Catalogs$3,000
Monthly Website Maintenance
Web Videos Uploaded12 Videos$600
24/7 Live Technical Support$375
Set-Up Fee (Without promotion)$2,500 

Affordable Internet Marketing Services

This is the PREMIERE PACKAGE … $250 per month... NOT $31,600.00! …, EVER! The $31,600.00 is an average of what you would pay for these services through multi vendors. That’s CRAZY money! … Right?

There’s a better way.

Notice the line items in dark green- these are the “bare bones” minimal services that every company needs to have for any kind of reputable web presence and generate leads. Let’s assume you wanted just those minimal services and purchased them from a comparable firm without our RENT-TO-OWN package. Those items alone would normally cost you over $15,000 at the end of the year with about $10-$12,000 of that money disappearing as soon as your website was completed!

We don’t like that model, especially for small companies who’d like to have a first class web presence but don’t have those kinds of budgets. With our “pay-as-you-go” model…, there’s no large cash output to risk.

Here’s an example of our clients worst-case scenario with our On-line Marketing PREMIERE package:

Let’s say after a year there was some unforeseen circumstance that caused them to go out of business. Normally they would’ve already spent $20-$30,000 up front for these website/marketing services and dealt with all the multivendor headaches along the way. Well…, because they partnered with us…, with our package (and this promotion), after that first year, their obligation to us is zero! They would’ve spent a total of $3250…, spread out over a years time. (for those of you doing the math we’ll explain the extra $250 below).

Is the light turned on yet? Is the value of this program starting to make sense?

So their worst-case scenario is $3250 spread out over a year …, In which time they would’ve had a high-end customized website (first class image), fully search engine optimized and hand coded…, a custom logo, 16hrs a month (any or every month) of free updates, unlimited web pages, custom photo galleries, Google Maps submissions, monthly website maintenance, 24/7 Live human support, all their print media customized and designed for them etc. … for $250.00/month…, Not thousands upon thousands of dollars UP FRONT!

CLICK- Have a Representative Contact Me to further explain the program and explain to me how I can forgo the $2,500.00 cash up front…, or continue reading for more details…

Well quite honestly, that worst-case scenario would be a disaster for us!
We’d take a significant loss!

And if that’s what happened on a regular basis our team would have gone belly up over 10 years ago.


Because we take on almost all the front end risk for our clients! And most of it in the first month alone! You are a business person or you would not be reading this. Ask yourself a question. Do you think that $250 a month for a year would even cover our expenses for these services?

You see we’re not here to hurt anybody. We’re here to provide exceptional value in a completely unique and innovative way. Although our pay off for our package is a five-year term, we only require a one-year commitment even though you won’t be forced to sign a contract. So, if a company were to have some unforeseen calamity…, we are not going to go after them for the balance. They have enough trouble, we will take the loss.

How can we afford to do this?

It’s a good question and here’s the simple answer: Our clients stay with us..., for the long haul! As mentioned before our retention rate is over 95% (double the industry-standard)…, AND…, we do have one SIMPLE requirement (explained below).

Testimonials from an internet marketing client with which we provided the following services: company logo design, print design, a website, custom graphic design, business cards, brochures, and search engine optimization.

Please check out our TESTIMONIALS tab to hear what our clients are saying about us.

Now (finally) I’m going to show you with this promotion …how you can get into this package, and have access to as many of these items as you’d like, and completely waive the $2500 setup fee.

But there is a catch (You knew this was coming). You do have to meet one requirement. You must own or represent a company that has been in business for five years or more. That’s it.

Why this requirement?

To be frank, it’s because we are taking on all the risk up front. We are only interested in working with established and reputable businesses that see the value in this program. We have to make sure that a company is over the hump and is not going to disappear in a couple of months. No, there’s no longterm contract, but we do have that one simple requirement.

Take advantage of this promotion and have a representative contact you to explain the details. (We can’t do this forever!)

Oh yes… full disclosure.
We are going to work some magic to save you the $2500 cash deposit as part of this promotion. And again, we will not have you commit to signing a contract. But when we go to work on your site, we will collect the last month’s payment when we collect the first month’s payment…, and it will be labeled as such. Why?

In the FIRST six weeks, we will build your entire website & provide nonstop web design and development, graphic artwork, search engine optimization, a database etc. That’s thousands of dollars worth of risk on our end without any down payment.

It’s not an additional fee, but it is one early payment (the final payment), and it represents your commitment to not take advantage of us with the risk we are taking.
So (with this promotion only) we are relinquishing the $2,500.00 cash up front on our PREMIERE PLAN ($2,000.00 on our DELUXE PLAN), but we will require the last month’s payment of $250.00 once we get started. You could look at it as saving $2,250.00 in up front cash as opposed to $2,500.00.

Fair Enough?

Okay…, simply fill out the form below, and a representative will contact you to answer any questions, and reserve your spot for this promotion if you decide this program is for you.

(BTW- This program is for you because we designed it for everybody…, and well…, you are part of that elite group ☺).

Please have a representative contact me regarding the promotion.
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